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Notary Services

Notarial practice is a separate and distinct element of legal service in England and Wales. It cannot be provided by solicitors. Most often it concerns the attestation, authentification or verification of documents, facts or events in circumstances which involve a foreign
legal element. The form of certificate, authentication or other document or instrument prepared by a Notary is known as his “notarial act”, and may be, according to its nature and effect, either a public act or a private act.

The presence of the Notary's signature, often in combination with his unique official seal, will render the document in question, or the facts or circumstances attested by him therein as acceptable proof for the purposes of the judicial or other public authorities in the foreign country in which they are to be used.

Our notarial services include:

  • Authentication of identities and signatures to private and commercial documents
  • Preparation and execution of Powers of Attorney and other documents for use abroad
  • Taking declarations, sworn statements and affidavits for use abroad
  • Witnessing and attesting the signature of foreign wills
  • Authentication of transfers of patents and trade marks
  • Preparation of sponsorship forms for visiting foreign citizens
  • Legalisation service with the Foreign Office (“Apostille”), Foreign Embassies and Consulates
  • Certifying copy documents including passports and academic and other certificates
  • Letters consenting to minors travelling abroad
  • Bills of Exchange ‐ noting protest and general advice
  • Shipping ‐ preparation and noting of protest

The preparation and completion of notarial acts requires a very high standard of care, since they are likely to be relied upon, not only by the client but also by third parties and officials at home and abroad. The Notary has to protect against the risk of inaccuracy, error, interference, forgery, dishonesty, money laundering and fraud.

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